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Susanna Burkhardt

When I realized, at 8 years old, that I was afraid of dying. It let me directly to everything that I know and teach today. With a childhood as No.6 of 7 children, struggles - even in a rich country like Switzerland - came much before studies. Nevertheless, my natual scientific curiosity always wanted me to understand "the bigger picture" of why we are born and why into exactly "this lifetime".


My studies in psychology, spiritualism, shamanism, the Tibetan death book, reincarnation, hypnotism, quantum physics, cultural differences, and languages enriched my life amazingly. Througout my adult life as an organizer, IT project manager, tour guide, grief counselor, and spiritual teacher, to connect all worlds with a "true everyday spirituality", will bring my very own soul path to fullfillment. My heartfelt compassion for all living beings combined with a very analytical and logical mind will always drive me forward to develop my full potential to help others on their path of life and soul.