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Timely Support with Spirit Consciousness Circle

Find Care, Share & Support in a Circle focused on Holding Space for Each Other & With Spirit

With open hearts and minds, join Wanda Garstad-Buchleitner as we come together to be heard and held in a safe space. Explore our own healing inconnection, reflection and meditation, hearing from Guides, Angels, Spirit and Ancestors for Inner Guidance and Support.

The creation of this Circle has been inspired by our current Global circumstances, however this Circle is a valuable resource at any time, now provided by Wanda-Garstad Buchleitner through The Eternity Connection.


"We have been gathering in the Circle around the fire light for centuries, our ancestor's know it well. We remember this space. When we listen, we hear them speaking, then we in turn speak more mindfully. We lean in, feel the warmth on our skin, the light in our hearts and we heal" 

Quote inspired by Christina Baldwin