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Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation Sampler

Jade Soetaert's picture
by Jade Soetaert

Feeling a bit anxious or worried at this challenging time. Take a moment, when its safe, to take few deep breaths and enjoy a 1-minute sampler of the sound of crystal singing bowls. Looking for more? Why not register for one of my Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations. See the links on our community page .https://www.eternityconnection.org/content/eternity-connection-community Questions about Crystal Singing Bowls or my meditations? Please post your questions here. If you have attended one of my Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations, please post your comments and testimonials here. 


I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my Meditations and Crystal Singing Bowls online!  It has truly kept me sane through all of the global chaos, and isolation.