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Welcome to Spiritual Services

At the Eternity Connection, we offer three basic services all aimed at supporting the unfoldment of your spiritual potential. These services include:


  • Spiritual Guidance-spiritual assessments focus on your spiritual journey through life. Spirit communication involves a medium connecting with someone who would have had some type of relationship with you and now resides in the Spirit world. 
  • Spiritual Healing- Spiritual Natural Healing assists in promoting inner peace and feelings of wellbeing by treating the whole person.  The healer acts as a conduit for healing energies to flow through the recipient.  A relaxed state enhances recovery at the cellular level.
  • Spiritual Counselling- Spiritual unfoldment cannot be separated from one’s general well-being. For this reason, to serve our community, we offer spiritual counselling to augment our various educational services. We offer individual, family, and group counselling services which are intended to enhance your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.


We can guarantee that you will meet competent, ethical, and compassionate service providers at the Eternity Connection. All our service providers are certified to provide the services that they offer to you. Each service provider must adhere to our Community Covenant and a code of ethics that has been established by their professional association. You will also be asked to complete an evaluation for each session you receive. These evaluations will be utilized to support the ongoing professional development of our service providers.

For further information about each of these services and our service providers, please click the link activated with each of the above services or return to the home page and click “Readings” or “Healing” button.