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The Healing Power of Joy: An Inspired Address by Shannon Pruss

by Eternity Connection

The Healing Power of Joy


At our April 20, 2020 Sunday Service, Shannon Pruss offered this remarkable inspired 15-minute address entitled The Healing Power of Joy. In this address, she speaks to how we can transform our fears relating to the current pandemic into joy and in doing so, changing our world. 


About Shannon


Shannon has worked in the field of personal development and intuitive energy work for over 12 years. ​Her goal is to make you more YOU – empowered, confident, grounded and equipped with new ways of navigating life. She works with a deeply intuitive knowing of one’s true purpose; to exist in love and joy. Shannon began honouring her gift in the early 2000’s. She realized she could intuitively tap into deep underlying information about someone's behavior and use this information to facilitate change in that individual. Her process allows the body to remove default fears, beliefs, patterns and trauma -  giving the body “new information”. Not only is Shannon able to articulate the information she receives verbally; she is able to use her energy work to reformat a client's patterning. Connecting them to their true innate value, allowing them to step out of fear and into empowerment. The effects are remarkable and immediate. Shannon’s experience as a business owner and a working professional has allowed her to transition into working with people from all walks of life and loves collaborating with leaders and change-makers. Most of Shannon’s work is over the phone with clients worldwide.  She is now running webinars and in-person workshops. Here she can speak to and facilitate healing for large groups of people at one time. Shannon lives in Canada and travels often to continue learning and teaching.