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Otto Haddad: Inspired Message: Healing with the Coronavirus

by Eternity Connection

This blog contains an inspired 17 minute lecture and visualization given by Othman (Otto) Haddad at our Sunday, Message Service on March 29, 2020. Otto offered remarkable insights into the meaning and healing arising from the global pandemic. Click this link to listen Healing the Corona Virus

 About Othman Haddad (AKA Otto)

Otto is a talented, creative and joyful medium, trance speaker and sound healer. His work with spirit has taken him into deep learning about our connections with the spirit world and the interconnectedness of the universe,  which emanates through his mediumship and trance speaking.  Otto has spent years exploring different healing modalities and has developed his unique sound healing therapy, through his company, Otto sound therapy (www.ottosoundtherapy.com). He has run more than 1000 One-to-one, Corporate and group sessions around the world and has been recognized by: BBC TV, BBC Radio, BBC World Services, Vogue UK (as #3 in the top 10 things to do in London), Vogue India, Harper’s Bazaar, Red, Metro, Yogi Times and Evening Standard.