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Penny Francis

Penny has been aware of Spirit from the young age of 3, her ‘invisible friend’ (named by her parents) but whom Penny named Matey stayed with her until she was 9 years old. Penny held onto the playful memories of her times with Matey throughout her teenage and adulthood years.  Penny nervously attended her first Awareness Group in her early forties where the group leader asked her if she was a working Medium? Penny found this quite a daunting statement as she didn’t feel she could sense spirit anymore let alone be working with Spirit!

Little did she know that within her first year of developing she would be stepping foot in her local church to take their Divine Service, since this point she has never looked back. Penny can now be found demonstrating and public speaking in churches and centers across the country. Her passion for teaching takes her across the UK and overseas where she has been a guest tutor in Norway, USA and Luxembourg. Penny's classes are always uplifting and fun, while retaining all the sense of dignity and respect she believes working with Spirit deserves.

Penny now helps to serve others with her teachings, demonstrations and one to one readings, connecting people with their loved ones in Spirit is her passion. She finds it incredibly rewarding and humbling, seeing how being reunited with loved ones that clients are close to bring peace, healing, forgiveness and so much love, the same comfort and love that Matey brought to her life.