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Susan Gerrard

Susan is originally from Hertfordshire, England. As a youngster, Susan learned and understood the movement and color of energy. She began to read the energy movement flowing around and within everything.

Due to Susan’s sensitivities with smells, lotions, and the environment, she would eventually realize energy healing was the natural way to heal herself, with the least amount of side effects within her body. Susan began to look for natural modalities
that aligned with her values and beliefs.

In 2003, Susan became a Reiki Master and began practicing energy healing on her family, friends, co-workers, and animals. As she developed the healing practices,
she became more involved with the energy within the body. The body had its way of communicating with her through senses and colors. In 2016, Susan began attending the Spiritual Alliance, located in Vancouver, B.C.,
and in 2019, she became a Certified Spiritual Healer under the tutorage of Reverend Melba Carlsen.

Susan’s knowledge of her Spiritual teachings, including a Spiritual mentor and her intuitive healing practices (developed over the past 13 years), would finally blend together creating an even stronger connection to Spirit. Susan began attending Mediumship courses with Reverend Ann Siddaway and studied Trance and Trance Healing with Reverend Lynn Wells. In January 2020, Susan moved to Lethbridge with her partner and began a new life in retirement. She became a member of the Lethbridge Spiritualist Centre, and, in November 2021, Susan became a Certified ASHA Healer.